This is the All-In Bundle for The Chrysalis Course and your mind is about to be BLOWN!!!

This is an investment that is going to change your business and you as an artist! Let me tell you all that's covered...

  • How to create the WOW factor in your images and galleries
  • How to attract & book your ideal clients
  • Session flow
  • Editing! Lots of editing!
  • Presets! *Brand new Clean Pack added as of March 2023!*
  • Building your business, pricing, & client experience
  • Backend organization and client/calendar management
  • Exposure & settings

Let me break that down even more....

We're going to first go over everything that creates that WOW factor in your images and galleries! We're going to dive deep into TEN crucial aspects and I'm going to tell you the best ways to practice everything you're learning! That way you're not left feeling overwhelmed with information and not sure what to do with it all or how to apply it.

Then we're going to go over how to start attracting and booking your ideal clients! This is so much more than a "show what you want to get answer," so be ready! We're diving in!

Next we're going to dive into session flow. How I typically run my sessions, tips for how to feel more comfortable running yours, getting your clients to feel comfortable, AND you get a full BTS video of me running a sunset family session!

I hope you're ready because next you're going to get over 6.5 hours of editing videos that go over creating multiple different editing styles, handling greens, editing for different lighting scenarios, getting yummy skin tones, easily editing skies, plus a video going over all the sliders, panels, and masking power that Lightroom and ACR have to offer! We're going to get really comfortable with Lightroom! I'm also going to show you how I use the Portraiture plug-in for Photoshop and how to make it easy and quick for you to use!

And no way, I didn't forget! You're going to get my Mentorship Preset Pack and brushes that come with 15 presets and 25 brushes/effects! Also, by enrolling in the course you get exclusive access to any other presets/brushes I currently offer and/or future ones I create!

Nope, we're not done! After that it's time to dig into how to build your business even bigger, how to price yourself, and how to create a special experience for your clients.

Then we're going to dive into some goods that are going to save you time and stress, and create a more professional business. I'm going to show you how I organize my files, programs I use to stay organized, save space, and work quickly, and we're going to have a really good chat about time management and balance.

Lastly we're going to dive into how exposure effects your clients skin and your editing, and I'm going to go over manual shooting. Even some of you more experienced photographers may not realize how the way you're shooting manual could be effecting your edits!

It's a lot!

And it's AWESOME!

This course is incredibly easy to go through! You'll be able to easily see how much progress you've made, and what sections you've completed and still have to complete. You can even jump around the course however you'd like! It's so easy!

With this course you get added to my private Facebook group where you get that exclusive access to any additional presets/editing tools I offer and will offer later! Also by being in the group you get the opportunity to book 1:1 time with me for personal editing help, creating custom presets, an in-depth portfolio review, creating a business action plan, and more. Whatever you need!

If you would like to see a few editing before and after examples that are included in the course, head to my website here. We'll go over those styles on those exact photos, and LOTS more!!

Alright... if you think that was a lot, just wait. It's time.

It's time to have your mind blown and to change the game for yourself! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! And I'm excited to help you! You're going to emerge from this course changed and inspired.

"Kayla has really outdone herself with The Chrysalis Course. She is obviously a wildly talented artist and photographer, but this course lets her passion and talent for teaching shine through. When I heard about this course, I was initially super intrigued, however I wasn’t sure how much I would learn being that I have been photographing for 10+ years, and I have taken a retreat with Kayla in the past. But holy guacamole. She covers EVERYTHING. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Being truthful, I learned something from literally every segment she had! If you are a photographer, you can benefit from this course in a huge way. 

It’s extremely informative, captivating, fun, interesting, and very well put together carefully with evident love and hard work. It WILL change the game for you. No matter how strong your photography game is or isn't, you’ll come out of this course with the best education of your life and a whole new fire to create. If you make any future investment into your education, this is the one.

The holy grail. The best."

-Aspen // @aspendawnphoto