Learn new editing techniques and concepts weekly!

Editing is something we continually grow in. Not just as our editing styles evolve, but even as Adobe releases new updates throughout the year. So not only are our editing style preferences ever-changing, but we're also having to learn all the new technical ways to achieve them.

So I am going to help editing be less frustrating for you and more exciting!

With this academy, you're going to get new educational editing videos EACH WEEK that will help you greatly expand your editing knowledge!

You're going to be able to join me for live calls each month where we go over certain editing topics, some chosen by me and some voted on by YOU.

We're going to cover topics like tackling greens, mastering skin tones, manipulating light, getting creamy skin, editing different styles, tips for quicker editing, how to control and change tones, how to edit for different lighting scenarios and locations, and so much more.

Want more specifics? 

Absolutely! Let's chat about them!...

First... make sure you understand this part, it's important:

Let's say you join November 11th, you will get all of November's content, and content through Dec 11th. You don't get the previous month's content. *You can purchase other content though that you may have missed! More on that in a bit...*

Content will release weekly on the 1st, 7th, 14th, and 21st every month and all content will expire at 11:59pm (US CST) on the last day of each month. You will be emailed before the release of new content each week!

But Kayla, what if I missed some content before it expired?! Or if I really want some videos you released before I joined?

I hear you! Things happen, kids get sick, we get sick, we go on a trip, or plain ole life just gets in the way. Maybe you didn't hear about the academy until after some months have already run, or just couldn't sign up right away... Don't worry, I've thought about all this too!

So you will be able to purchase a week's worth of content TO KEEP, whether you just missed it or you just want to have it to reference back to.

*Academy content is ONLY available for current academy students to purchase!*

Tell me more about the topics, how much content, programs and presets, and what if I want to cancel...

Sure thing! Keep reading!...

Can I cancel at anytime, or is their a minimum month requirement?

You can absolutely cancel anytime from your account management page!

How do I find out what topics are being covered?

I will email students the next month's Topic Schedule and it will also be released on Instagram on the The Chrysalis Collective Instagram page.

When and how are the Live calls done? What if I miss it? Will it be saved?

Live Zoom calls will be held the last week of each month. Exact date/time will be released with the Topic Schedule so that you have almost a month to clear your schedule for that day/time. The Live will be available only through the end of the current month, when all the other content expires. Sometimes the topic of the Live will be released with the Topic Schedule, but if that month the Live topic is one that will be voted on by that months students, it may not be released until later.

How much content is released each week?

It depends on the topic as some will require more time and some less, but around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours worth of videos each week minimum.

What presets are used in the videos? And what editing program will you be using?

I will be using presets I have made and sell, including The Clean Pack, Mist & Fury packs, Wild Rebel Pack, the Ultimate Brush Pack, and more. But the techniques used can be used with other preset packs you own.

Videos will be recorded in Lightroom Classic (not Lightroom CC). ACR users will benefit since Lightroom and ACR have the same tools, just a different layout.

Will content be brand new every single week?

Almost all!!! Every now and then we will have an Encore Topic that will be used for one of the week's content. (An Encore Topic is a previous topic & its videos that were released during a prior month.) This is great if you missed a topic that you wanted to see or just want a recap on it, but weren't able to purchase it separately.

I will send an email to current academy students and post a poll to social media for students looking to join, where you/they can vote which Encore Topic they would like added into the next months Topic Schedule. Some encore weeks will have additional videos going into more depth if I had a lot of questions regarding that topic.

I am already a Chrysalis Course Student, is this included?

I love that you are already a course student!!! The Chrysalis Editing Academy has new content added weekly, and therefore it is separate.

I cannot wait for this!!! Now tell me how much!

I've been told it's insane... but you get all of this for onlyyyyy....

**Make sure when you checkout to OPT IN for emails so that you get important Academy announcements and releases!**