Mothers are ICONIC!!!

It’s time to become a RAD and confident maternity photographer! Let's walk through how to pose and prompt, how to style, make her feel comfortable, confident, and ICONIC. This course will go over all the pieces that will make your maternity images POP as beautifully as her belly!

  • Stuck on how to help pregnant moms choose what to wear? Not anymore.

  • Not sure of the best posing techniques to make sure her feel like GORGEOUS when she sees her photos? Not anymore.

  • Feel lost on how to prompt her to get that emotion and connection with her pregnancy? Not anymore.

  • Unsure of what extra little details to pay attention to that make your maternity images stand out from the rest? Not anymore!!!

Oh and heyyyy! Want to see me run a maternity family session so you can see me flow through the session and show you in a real scenario all the things I'm teaching you on! Sweet! Because that's happening!

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Who is teaching this course?

Kate freaking Boggs of course! I am a self proclaimed HalloQUEEN who is as obsessed with pregnancy as Obstetricians. Okay maybe that was excessive. I'm actually way more obsessed.

There is just something so magical and beautiful about capturing life within a life and I want to show you how I do that in the most STEP BY STEP way possible!

But enough about my obsession, let me tell you about me. I am a beach obsessed, tatted up mother of three who would have loved to have been a surrogate had she not had c sections. I love all things spooky and I should probably own a little coffee IV, halloween, book, tattoo parlor, with an attached food truck that sells spicy nuts and whiskey.

I feel like this is the part where I tell you that buying this course will make you a better storyteller, and it for sure will, but what it will also do is it will push you to see things differently than other photographers, and that is what will set you apart.

Oh and incase you didn't catch it in the beginning, I promise it won't be boring. <3

Find me on instagram @kateboggsphotography