I want your business to work for you, instead of YOU working for the business!

In this course, you will see my exact workflow with my clients, start to finish and all the in-betweens! The workflow is intended to make your life less crazy! Created by a busy mom that needed to streamline her business for her sanity and family peace, and I want to help you get your sanity, time, and peace back too!

It's time to set up a workflow that is not only easier for you and saves you precious time, but a workflow that is also easy for your clients and will get them excited to keep coming back for more!! 

Here's what you're going to get from this course:

My exact workflow from when a potential client inquires until after gallery delivery.

You'll see my emails and PDF's I send, when and how I send them. You'll get to see what things I streamline so they're automatic, but still feel like a personalized experience for my clients.

We'll dive into how I go about helping my family with styling AND you get to come along with me to a shoot. Follow along as I run a family session and have another photographer with me. You can hear the questions she asks me and hear me explain to her why I'm doing what I am during the shoot.

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Who are you learning from?

Hey hey!! I’m the girl that wants you to have your memories captured while not stressing about it!! As a working mom of 3 girls, wife and per diem RN in a ICU, I knowww how life it’s crazy!! I’m the girl who always rooting for you even when you don’t think it’s possible (probably comes from my cheerleader roots 🤗)

I believe if you ever want to know a person, ask them what they like reading or watching on tv, you will find out real quick what I like! Photo taking is my passion but it wasn’t until I started teaching/mentoring about it to know it is surely my purpose. Empowering others to have freedom within their career is the absolute drive to teaching this course!! If you’re looking for a friend, who knows how to cut the corners in the most efficient way this is most definitely the course for you!! 

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And www.liapizarrophotography.com