Your clients deserve a luxe client experience... let's give it to them.

The course isn't leaving a thing out. We will be covering all things client experience, from beginning to end.

We will dive into client communications (from the moment they reach out until the last e-mail they receive), managing their expectations, & creating an experience where the client feels heard & the session feels like a true partnership between photographer & client.

You will see how I’ve made decisions + automations to cater to clients, while making shoots a smoother experience for both me and my clients. I will go over the importance of creating a positive client experience & how that translates to loyal clients over the years that will brag about their experience with you.

Just because the backend of running a photography business can be mania, doesn't mean it should feel mania to our clients. I'm going to show you how to create a client experience that makes them feel like the priority, not added chaos, and like they're being given a well-deserved luxe experience by choosing to invest in you as their photographer.

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Who is teaching this course?

I'm Nat! I have been practicing the art of photography for the last 10 years in sunny Los Angeles, CA. I love to use golden light as my paint brush & the ocean as my canvas to capture fam's in a care-free environment. I'm a lover of minimalism, neutrals, & all the earthy vibes— which I aim to bring to every session. In my work you'll find a soft candidness merged with playful + luxe feels. I love to combine fine art portraiture with laid back posing to bring in beautiful dynamic. When I'm not working I love spending time with my family (husband + 2 boys) + living a slow + quiet life.... plus ALL THE BASEBALL mom things!

Find me on instagram @nurturephotography